A1 launches in South Africa with a seven trim level range

Audi Media

Audi’s new A1 has finally arrived in South Africa and if you are in the market for a status supermini, this could be it.

This second-generation A1 rides on the VW Group’s MQB platform and stretches the compact Audi’s overall size by 56mm.

A benefit of that additional length is increased boot space. The new A1 features 335-litres of luggage capacity, which is a gain of 65-litres over its predecessor.

Design details which should appeal to followers of the Audi brand are A1’s large singleframe grille and those three slits between the bonnet and grille surround shutline. If you are an Audi fan, you’ll know that this styling details pays homage to the brand’s original 1984 Quattro sportscar.

The cabin architecture is typically Audi, which means outstanding design and material choice. There might be a standard digital instrumentation cluster but most of the desirable comfort and convenience features are optional, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and wireless charging – which is annoying.

Three turbocharged engine options

Audi has discontinued all the diesel engine options for A1 with this new generation car. The powertrain offering constitutes three turbocharged petrol engines.

The smallest of these is a 1-litre triple, which boosts 85kW and 200Nm, powering the A1 30 TFSI. Increase capacity to 1.5-litres, which also gains you a cylinder, and there is 110kW and 250Nm available in the A1 35 TFSI.

Audi’s most potent South African market A1 will be the 40 TFSI derivative, which is powered by a 2-litre four-cylinder engine, good for 147kW and 320Nm.

These new A1 Audis are all front-wheel drive and strangely, the two smaller and less powerful engines feature a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, whilst the 2-litre car makes do with one less gear.

Audi’s price ladder with the A1 starts at R399 900, for the 30 TFSI. Advanced trim increases that to R373 900, with the dearest 30 TFSI derivative being an S line version, at R388 900.

If you want your A1 with a 1.5-litre engine, the most affordable 35 TFSI prices at R429 900, with the Advanced version thereof retailing for R433 900. The 35 TFSI S line is positioned at R458 900.

The A1 range peaks with a single 40 TFSI variant, priced at R488 000. That price includes a factory fitted dynamic package, which includes sports suspension, red callipers actuating larger brake discs, a sound actuator and Audi’s configurable Drive Select program.

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