AMG adds yet another compact performance car with CLA35


As part of its strategy of relentless new product releases, Mercedes-Benz has added a third variant to its 35-series family of AMG built compact performance cars.

The new CLA35 joins its A35 hatchback and A35 sedan siblings and is expected to go on sale in South Africa by the last quarter of this year. These 35-series AMG cars offer slightly less performance and subtler styling than AMG’s outrageous 45-series vehicles.

Although many would consider the CLA a small four-door sedan, Mercedes-Benz is adamant that its sloping roofline and tapered rear classify it as a coupe. Distinguishing the CLA35 are model specific wheels and an AMG bodykit, which includes a rear diffuser and more aerodynamically shaped front bumper.

Inside the CLA35’s passengers are seated on perforated leather seats, with red contrast stitching, and its driver takes command by turning an AMG designed, flat-bottom steering wheel. The full suite of AMG driving information systems, which includes extensive data logging, a lap timer and dynamic driving data analysis, are available as part of a special AMG Track Pace app.

Like the A35 hatchback and sedan, this new CLA is powered by a 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine, delivering 225kW and 400Nm. Those numbers convert to impressive performance statistics, with the car’s 4Matic all-wheel drive system and quick-shifting seven-speed gearbox helping it along to a 0-100kph sprint in only 4.9 seconds. As per regulation, the CLA35’s top speed is governed to 250kph.

To ensure that the CLA35 handles the additional power applied to it, AMG’s engineers have added an aluminium plate and cross beams under the engine – thereby improving the car’s front third rigidity.

AMG expects to start shipping CLA35s to global customers early in the last quarter of this year and the car’s signature launch colour will be yellow, a hue that is does look rather fetching in. As a portfolio offering these new 35-series AMGs offer very substantial performance and driving dynamics, without being too extreme in either appearance or potential maintenance.

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