AMG has confirmed pricing for its CLA35 four-door performance coupe

AMG Media

AMG has decided to its price its new CLA35 at a substantial premium to the brand’s mechanically similar A35 hatchback – and its natural rival, from Audi.

Both the A35 and CLA35 will become available in South Africa during the next few months and feature the same engine and drivetrain: a turbocharged 2-litre engine good for 225kW, with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission channelling that power to all four wheels.

If you prefer the sloping roofline proportions of the CLA, and the benefit of a boot, it will cost you nearly R100 000 more than the comparable A35.

Mercedes-Benz has positioned the new offerings from its AMG performance sub-brand at R755 198 for the A35 hatchback and R855 766 for its CLA35 sibling. You are effectively paying R100 000 for 50-litres of additional luggage capacity between the A35 and CLA35.

There is a performance discrepancy between the two cars too. AMG’s A35 runs the benchmark 0-100kph sprint in 4.7 seconds, whilst the CLA35’s time against the clock in a similar acceleration test is 4.9-seconds.

Although the A35 is cheaper and faster, many customers interested in a compact German performance sedan will opt for the unique appearance of AMG’s CLA35.

Many options to inflate the price

The car’s base price of R855 766 does not include a host of optional features which you might want.

Navigate the online configurator and can swiftly escalate the price towards R1m. Amongst the options you’d desire are larger 19-inch wheels (R16 600), a panoramic sunroof (R15 200), larger 10.25-inch infotainment screen (R10 000) and head-up display (R15 000).

AMG’s advanced ride control suspension upgrade prices at R22 400, whilst an aerodynamics package adds R21 800. Mercedes-Benz is expected to have the first of its new 35-series AMG cars at local dealerships by October this year.

In terms of possible rivals, the most obvious of these IS Audi’s S3 sedan. The four-door S3 sedan prices at R683 452 and has a similarly sized-engine to the CLA35, but is slightly more powerful than the AMG car, at 228kW.

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