Audi adds an extra gear and features to its iconic TT coupe

Audi is celebrating two decades of its iconic TT with some model lifecycle upgrades and a return to some of the original car’s design traits.

Celebrated for its Bauhaus interpretation of coupe motoring in the late 1990s, TT transcended the traditional petrolhead realm and became a design icon. Now, 20 years after it first came to market in 1998, Audi has revealed some subtle evolutions for the third-generation car, including a seat upholstery option which should please traditionalists no end.

The most obvious styling enhancement is a ‘three-dimensional’ version of the characteristic Audi singleframe grille, with trademark swiping indicator LED illumination for the lighting systems both front and rear. A slightly reshaped bumper and air vents moulded into the front quarter panels aid aerodynamics and a selection of new alloy wheel design options round off the styling enhancements.

Mechanically the engine range is left unaltered, with a portfolio of 2-litre turbomotors, yet there will now be the option of a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The additional seventh gear is a fuel-economy minded overdrive ratio, which also enables Audi engineers to restack the middle ratios, providing smaller steps between the gearing and delivering better mid-range throttle response.

By far the most iconic aspect of this updated range is the TT 20-year special edition model. These will become sought after cars as production is capped to only 999 units and their distinguishing feature are oversized contrast stitching on the seats, harping back to the original TT, which debuted this leathercraft back in 1998. The baseball glove style leather stitching was iconic and Audis which have these seats are fetch much greater prices in the collectible market today.

The updated Audi TT is expected to go on sale in South Africa during the first quarter of next year, although the local allocation on TT 20-year special edition units, is unconfirmed.

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