BMW’s new X1 will introduce battery assisted xDrive25e derivativ


BMW has revealed a mid-lifecycle upgrade of its smallest SUV, the X1.

Changes to the compact BMW gravel traveller, which shares its platform with the Mini Countryman, are similar to the German brand’s latest iteration of styling updates to most models. The most pronounced of these, are the merging of BMW’s iconic kidneys, in the centre of the grille.

The X1’s overall aesthetic is more angular, with round fog lamps being replaced by rectangular ones and larger air intakes shaped into the front bumper.

A novel feature which has been added is the ability of the driver’s wing mirror to project an ‘X1’ logo onto the ground, when the vehicle is unlocked.

Plug-in hybrid joins the range

Mechanically the facelifted second-generation X1 will feature a range of familiar BMW engines. The most potent of these will be found in the xDrive25d, a 2-litre diesel boosting 170kW and 450Nm. Those numbers will run it from 0-100kph in 6.6 seconds.

BMW’s revised X1 range will also feature a plug-in hybrid option. This hybrid powertrain comprises a turbocharged petrol engine, good for 92kW and 220Nm, augmented by a 70kW/165Nm electric motor. In ideal conditions, BMW claims the xDrive25e will average fuel consumption of only 2l/100km.

The xDrive25e hybrid features a 9.7kWh battery, adequate to drive the X1 for 50km of range on only electric power. Most owners will find that particularly useful is heavy traffic conditions, where fuel savings will be substantial when powering the vehicle on purely electric power.

Inside the new X1 offers a raft of digitisation, with infotainment screens sized from 6.5- to 10.25-inches in size.

The X1 also projects a full colour high-resolution head-up display into the driver’s field of view, with all necessary vehicle status, entertainment and navigating information – thereby avoiding the risk of having to avert attention from the road ahead, to know what song you want to select next.

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