Citycarver is Audi’s attempt at an A1 crossover for urbanites

Static photo, Colour: Pulse orange

Audi has revealed a curious new version of its A1, called the Citycarver.

In an automotive market where the definitions between different segments are becoming increasingly opaque, this car adds another niche for customers to explore.

Built on the exiting second-generation A1 platform, the Citycarver is a curious blend of faux crossover styling and design elements applied to a conventional Audi compact hatchback.

Differentiating the Citycarver from other A1s is a single frame honeycomb grille, which links its design lineage more to the brand’s Q-series of SUVs, than its A1 city cars.

Beyond the new grille, there are also two slots where the bonnet meets the grille shutline and silver plastic detailing on the front splitter and rocker panels.

Colour is a crucial aspect of Audi’s new A1 derivative, with the car’s launch hue being pulse orange. The Citycarver will not be available in a solid colour either, with the roof, wheel arches and headlight surrounds all finished in either contrasting black or grey.

Big sound system for a small car

Inside this A1, customers will find Audi’s latest 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system sitting atop the centre console and comprehensive voice control for most functions.

Any streaming media should also resonate with impeccable acoustic quality, thanks to a 560-watt sound system from Danish specialist, Bang&Olufsen.

Audi claims that its A1 Citycarver combines the style of and agility of a premium compact hatchback, with some off-road ability.

Unlike most of Audi’s products which do market themselves as gravel travel capable, this A1 will not be available with quattro all-wheel drive.

A suspension reconfiguration gives the Citycarver an additional 35mm of ground clearance, with 5mm more gained by Audi’s 18-inch alloy wheel option. That total gain of 40mm does lift this A1 from the standard model’s 121mm of ground clearance to a more robust 161mm – ideal for rolling over South African urban potholes.

For those Audi brand followers who desire an A1 with some adventurous design details and superior driving ability on poor road surfaces, the Citycarver will have some niche appeal. It launches globally during the last quarter of 2019.

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