E-tolls price increase: Here's what motorists will have to pay from March

Gantry TG001 Barbet on the N1 north, in Lynnwood, Pretoria. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/JMK

The brass neck of it all is astounding: But the cost of e-tolls is rising once again for the motorists of Gauteng, despite the operation’s failure to win over the public.

The toll plazas in South Africa’s most densely-populated province have incurred a serious amount of debt. Only 25% of road users say they even bother paying their bills when it comes to e-tolls. However, the government have decided that a price hike is the only way forward. The changes come in effect from March 2020.

It hasn’t gone down well

The AA have issued a statement of condemnation on Wednesday, slamming both regional and national governments for misleading the public. Although e-tolls remain in service, their future remains uncertain. According to the experts, there are grounds to scrap the project entirely:

“Gauteng motorists were assured that the way forward for e-tolls in the province would be provided by August last year. This did not happen. Then motorists were told a decision would be communicated by the end of September. Again, this did not happen.”

“Government’s plans to deal with e-tolls has still not been communicated, two months into the new year. Despite this, tariff increases are announced which come into effect in March. Research is unambiguous and supports calls for a review of e-tolls with a view to scrapping them entirely.”

AA statementE-tolls price increase – how much will motorists have to pay?


Barbet: – R2.32Mossie – R2.32Indlazi – R2.25Pikoko – R2.25Ivusi – R2.14Flamingo – R2.14Ihobe – R2.60Sunbird – R2.60Tarentaal – R2Blouvak – R2Owl – R2.48Pelican – R2.48Kingfisher R2.21Ukhozi – R2.21Fiscal – R1.95Stork – R1.95Ilowe – R0.46


Leeba – R1.67Ibis – R1.67Kiewet – R1.79Kwikkie – R1.79Starling – R1.90Rooivink – R1.90Mpshe – R1.53Oxpecker – R1.53


Phakwe – R1.72Thaha – R2.44Lenong – R2.60Lekgwaba – R1.88Loerie – R2.55Gull – R2.55Ilanda – R1.88Bee-eater – R1.88Ugaga – R2.14


Hadeda – R1.88Ntsu – R1.88Heron – R2.30Bluecrane – R2.30Swael – R3.25Letata – R3.25Swan – R2.67Weaver – R2.67Hornbill – R1.42How much are the prices for e-tolls rising by?

Here are the figures from last year – you can see the increases across the board:

Fees for the previous year ON THE N1 (Government Gazette)
Fees for last year ON THE N3, N12 AND R21 (Government Gazette)

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