Ford Figo Blu is a limited edition car with attainable pricing


Ford has introduced a limited edition derivative of its Figo value hatchback to the local market.

An evolution of the Figo 1.5 Trend, this new offering is called the Blu and features some individualised trim items and additional standard equipment.

Distinguishing the Figo Blu from its Trend siblings are a black mesh grille and blue trim that surrounds the front foglamps.

The Blu also features black wing-mirror end caps and decals which run along its flanks, on the lower portion of the car’s doors.

Completing the Figo Blu’s differentiated appearance are model-specific 15-inch alloy wheels.

Inside there are Figo Blu logos embroidered into the front floor mats and seats, whilst all door panels gain blue gloss inserts. The driver grips a leather trimmed steering wheel and operates a gearshift which is decorated with blue stitching.

The only option Figo Blu owners have, is the exterior colour of their car. Ford offers three choices in this regard – silver, white or grey – which all contrast with a black roof.

Ford is pricing the Figo Blu at R203 800, a premium of R8000 over the its mechanical twin, the Figo Trend. The same Ford 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo powers both cars, boosting 88kW and 150Nm.

With a total production of only 360 units, the Figo Blu’s appeal will be in its attainably priced exclusivity.

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