GLB SUV is Mercedes-Benz's idea of a small seven-seater SUV

Mercedes AG

Mercedes-Benz has officially revealed its new compact SUV, the GLB, which offers more seats than any rival.

The first compact SUV of its size to offer seating for seven, GLB’s unique feature is a third-row of seating. As a caveat, Mercedes has confirmed that the two last seats in its GLB do have a height restriction of 1.68m, which means they aren’t suitable for taller passengers.

Beyond the seven-seater occupant capacity, this Mercedes SUV can also pile in 560-litre of luggage. Appropriately configure the seats, by using their fold-flat function, and total luggage capacity can swell to a very capacious 1755-litres.

Powering the GLB is a familiar range of Mercedes-Benz four-cylinder engines, all turbocharged. The GLB200 is a 1.33-litre version, good for 120kW and 250Nm. GLB250 is the 2-litre option, boosting 165kW and 350Nm.

Those who desire a turbodiesel have option on two engines, both 2-litres in capacity. The GLB200d produces 110W and 320Nm, whilst the GLB220d registers 140kW and 400Nm.

GLB customers who desire to journey off-road can specify an off-road engineering package. This combines the 4Matic all-wheel drive system with specifically calibrated 50/50 torque distribution between the front and rear wheels, offering optimal traction in slipper or sandy conditions.

Inside the GLB features Mercedes-Benz’s latest MBUX infotainment and Smartphone synching interface is standard, with voice control. Both the instrumentation and general infotainment functions are provided by 7-inch digital screens, which can optionally be increased to 10.25-inch high-definition displays.

Mercedes-Benz expects to start deliveries of its GLB compact SUV by the end of this year. For those who yearns for a seven-seater SUV, but don’t desire the anxiety inducing parking dimensions of most rivals, the GLB could be a very apt solution.

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