iX3 is BMW's idea of a future SUV

With the iCar brand BMW has done what many have promised, and few have delivered, battery powered cars which customers can buy with confidence.

In South Africa the i3 has accounted for most electric car sales and with a typically rewarding BMW driving experience, early adopters who are willing to invest in getting themselves off the grid have found it a great personal transport option.

The iX3 provides a batter pack and electric motor unit capable of all the performance one would expect from a BMW, without any of the range anxiety which clouds current battery car ownership.

Peak power is more than 200kW and range just over 400km, both statistic which should be ample for most drivers: whether they are wanting to overtake an 18-wheeler truck or reach an isolated destination.

In part due to the issues around electric car charging infrastructure experienced in South Africa, BMW is aware that convenience is crucial to owning any battery powered car. And the greatest convenience of all, is being to charge your electric car at home – to full power.

Without having to resort to fiddly cables and connecting couplings, BMW’s engineered an amazing new inductive charging system, which is installed in the floor of whichever parking space any iX3 is most likely to overnight on regularly.

The moment an iX3 is parked over the inductive charging floor panel, it will automatically start recharging the batteries.

The BMW iX3 is due to start production late next year, with customer deliveries in 2020. Better start planning that garage floor remodelling in the meanwhile.

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