Lamborghini has its most succesful six month period ever, with more to come

Lamborghini this week confirmed that its audited sales numbers for the first half of 2018 have far surpassed expectations.

The renowned Italian supercar brand, which curiously evolved from the eponymous tractor company back in 1963, sold 2 327 cars to its customers in the first six months of this year. That number, remarkably, represents greater production and delivery volume than the automaker’s entire sales for 2013.

Although the brand has always remained true to its principles of building supercars commensurate to the demands of its customers, instead of attempting to achieve lofty volume targets, the reality is that Lamborghini is set for an unprecedented sales record this year.

The 2 327 units it assembled and shipped thus far in 2018 are 11% better than 2017 and only constitute deliveries of the brand’s Huracán and Aventador model lines. July will establish a new chapter in the company’s history as its first true SUV, the Urus, starts delivery to patient customers.

Consider the rampant global demand for luxury SUVs and Urus should add handsomely to the brand’s overall 2018 sales, as its production and distribution substantiates for the remainder of this year.

Urus will open access to customers in markets where Lamborghini has brand cachet, but the road networks simply could not accommodate its extremely low-riding Huracán and Aventador supercars.

The hierarchy of volume currently rates the US as Lamborghini’s most important market, followed quite curiously by Japan in second place and the U.K. ranking third.

South Africa has not been forgotten in all of Lamborghini’s building success. In June it was announced that the brand’s local distribution has been delegated to the same people who have built the credible Porsche presence locally, a staff of professionals under the leadership of South Africa’s ‘Mr Porsche’, Toby Venter.

Knowledgeable about what South African high-performance vehicle enthusiasts expect and demand from their vehicles, operating in an environment quite different to that of Europe, Lamborghini South Africa has exciting prospects.

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