Opel Crossland X 1.6TD is a long-distance fuel saver

Opel SA

Opel is finally adding diesel power to its local crossovers.

The German value brand will expand its Crossland X range with a turbodiesel engine option this month.

Opel’s Crossland X 1.6TD is paired with the Enjoy specification level and expands the range from four to five derivatives.

Mechanically the new engine will offer Crossland X owners superior fuel consumption at constant cruising speeds, in addition to purposeful mid-range overtaking acceleration – two attributes of modern turbodiesels.

Fuel consumption hero

Run the numbers and Crossland X 1.6TD powers up to 68kW and 230Nm. Drive is to the front-wheels, via a six-speed manual transmission.

To prevent stalling anxiety when pulling away on steep inclines, Opel has added its hill-start assist function, which keeps the brakes engages for a second or two, as you coordinate the clutch-and-throttle, to ensure a smooth take-off.

Opel claims average consumption of 5.4l/100km, which theoretically gives the Crossland X 1.6TD a return of 1000km on its 54-litre fuel tank.

Beyond the benefits of greater range and improved driveability, especially when laden, Crossland X isn’t shy on standard specification – either. It features an IntelliLink infotainment system which plays nice with your Smartphone, cruise control and power windows.

To prevent parking embarrassment, there are front and rear maneuvering sensors. Safety is comprehensive, with six airbags and an electronic stability programme.

Space is a crucial element for any crossover owner, and the Crossland X can carry 410-litres of gear in its luggage compartment.

The only really notable optional extra, is a reversing camera. Price? The Crossland X 1.6TD is set to retail for R348 450.

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