Petrol price decrease for March: Here's what it'll cost to fill up your tank

Flag of South Africa on the car’s fuel tank filler flap. Fueling car with petrol pump at a gas station. Petrol station. Gasoline and oil products. Close up – Photo: File

A substantial drop for both the diesel and petrol price in South Africa has put our motorists in a good mood at the start of March. However, these warm sentiments might not last much longer…

Confirmed petrol price for March 2020

We’re pleased to announce there will be a hat-trick of decreases for our fuel and gas. Not only is petrol getting cheaper, but so is diesel and illuminating paraffin – and that’s by a pretty susbtantial amount, too.

Petrol: Decrease of 19 cents per litre.Diesel: Decrease of 54 cents per litre.Paraffin:Decrease of 68 cents per litre.

Subtracting these totals from February’s fuel price gives us the following average cost-per-litre for petrol and diesel. These prices will take effect from Wednesday 4 March:

Fuel Inland Coastal Difference
Petrol R15.84 R15.07 Down by 19 cents
Diesel R13.49 R14.03 Down by 54 cents