Pricing and specs: New Land Rover Defender promises to be 'toughest yet'

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It’s big news for the 12 000 people who have already configured their orders on Land Rover’s website. 

First deliveries in June will only be the five-door Defender 110 models. While order books are open for both models, first shipments of the smaller three-door 90 models will only land at the end of 2020. 

Land Rover SA has reported “remarkable interest” in the new Defender and considering all the headlines and attention surrounding the “toughest Land Rover yet”, it’s no surprise that over 76 000 browsers have visited the Defender page on the local site and more than 9 000 people have downloaded the brochure. 

No fewer than 30 derivatives

South African customers have a choice of 30 derivatives of the new Defender. The car will come in Standard, S, SE, HSE, First Edition (limited) and X specifications — each of these upping the ante in terms of standard equipment, mod cons and technology. This is before you get to the various “Accessory Packs” with which you can order your new “Landy”.

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The Standard spec car offers a multitude of equipment including a 10-inch Pivi Pro touchscreen infotainment, 3D Surround  Camera and Parking Aid, Wading Sensors, Adaptive Air Suspension, Terrain Response, Steel Wheels and more. 

The S spec adds LEDs with Auto High Beam, additions of leather, larger wheels, centre armrest and Pivi Pro Infotainment with an Interactive Driver Display system. 

SE spec adds touches like Premium LEDs and fog lights, colour-matched door handles, larger 20-inch wheels, electric steering column and ClearSight Rearview mirror, Grained leather-Robust textile seats and an improved Meridian sound system. 

In HSE spec, more lux items are on display including more leather throughout the cabin, sliding panoramic roof, Driver Assistance Package and a different 5-spoke wheel design. In HSE spec, you also get the option of a fabric roof (on Defender 90 models). 

Defender X is a tougher grade, more luxurious specification – the flagship Defender. It includes a number of additional aesthetic and material differences as well as the full suite of off-road capability including the electronic active diff and an entirely configurable Terrain Response 2 system.

Choice of four ‘Accessory Packs’ 

It must be noted that the new Land Rover Defender is entirely configurable. You can build one to your specifications with all manner of thoroughly researched and refined options.

From the colour of the roof, the wheel colour and designs, the interior trim colours and grades, the lighting, the exterior body colours – this is near to specifying a much more expensive supercar in terms of personalisation options. 

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And this is before you get to the lifestyle personalisation and off-road options. Land Rover has created four Accessory Packs to suit different lifestyles. These enhance the vehicle’s capability. 

The Explorer Pack: As the name suggests, is for those with a strong overland desire. This pack includes a roof rack, wheel arch protection, mud flaps, spare wheel covers, a raised air intake, side-mounted gear carrier and bonnet decals. 

The Adventure Pack: also includes a spare wheel cover and mud flaps, but also the added benefit of an air compressor, portable and versatile seat backpack and a pressurised water rinse system for cleaning off muddy boots and wetsuits. 

The Country Pack: This includes the mud flaps and a full height rear partition in addition to foldable side steps, scuff plates and wheel arch protection. 

The Urban Pack: This is mostly aesthetic and consists of bright pedals in the cabin, spare wheel cover, front undershield protection and rear scuff plates. This pack can be upgraded to add deployable side steps and side tubes for more protection to the side of the car (but they also add a measure of cool).  

All of these packages come with further upgrades for the most personalised Land Rover Defender you may want. 


At launch, customers will have the choice of the following: 

The D240, 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder turbodiesel unit with 177kW of power and 430Nm of torque. The P300, 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder petrol unit with 221kW and 400Nm and the range-topping P400, a Mild-Hybrid drivetrain employing a straight-six, 3.0-litre turbocharged unit. In addition to a 48V supercharger being attached, the system also makes use of a 48V battery coupled to a DC converter. This harvests and stores energy and redeploys it for use in improving efficiency. The P400 delivers a healthy 294kW and 550Nm of torque. 

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So finally, what does it cost? Defender 110 Pricing

Defender 110 177kW D240 Standard R 999 000
Defender 110 177kW D240 S R1 042 800
Defender 110 177kW D240 SE R1 099 500
Defender 90 177kW D240 HSE R1 156 600
Defender 110 177kW D240 HSE R1 198 700
Defender 110 177kW D240 First Edition R1 199 500
Defender 110 221kW P300 Standard R999 000
Defender 110 221kW P300 S R1 042 800
Defender 110 221kW P300 SE    R1 099 500
Defender 110 221kW P300 HSE R1 198 700
Defender 110 294kW P400 Standard R1 129 400
Defender 110 294kW P400 S R1 164 800
Defender 110 294kW P400 SE  R1 224 300
Defender 110 294kW P400 HSE  R1 320 700
Defender 110 294kW P400 First Edition R1 310 400
Defender 110 294kW P400 X R1 498 400

Defender 90 Pricing 

Defender 90 177kW D240 Standard R 948 000
Defender 90 177kW D240 S R996 500
Defender 90 177kW D240 SE R1 060 200
Defender 90 177kW D240 HSE R1 156 600
Defender 90 177kW D240 First Edition R1 142 200
Defender 90 221kW P300 Standard R948 000
Defender 90 221kW P300 S R996 500
Defender 90 221kW P300 SE R1 060 200
Defender 90 221kW P300 HSE R1 156 600
Defender 90 294kW P400 Standard R1 078 400
Defender 90 294kW P400 S R1 113 800
Defender 90 294kW P400 SE  R1 172 500
Defender 90 294kW P400 HSE R1 268 900
Defender 90 294kW P400 First Edition R1 254 500
Defender 90 294kW P400 X R1 486 700

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