Range Rover Vogue and Sport now with battery power in South Africa


Land Rover has introduced a battery power augmented version of both its Range Rover Vogue and Sport models in South Africa. That means the original and most aristocratic of luxury SUVs is now available as a plug-in hybrid.

All these new Range Rover hybrids are of the plug-in configuration, which require you to recharge a lithium-ion battery pack rated at 13.1kWh. Admittedly that’s not a huge capacity battery, but it does add 85kW of electric power to the 221kW 2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine which sits up front in these Range Rovers.

For Land Rover traditionalists the presence of these first four-cylinder Range Rovers will be odd, but with a total system output of 297kW and 640Nm, they certainly are not short on performance. The hybrid Range Rover Vogue will run 0-100kph in 6.8 seconds, with the slightly smaller Sport being a tenth quicker. Both have equal top speeds of 220kph.

The hybrid Range Rovers will carry P400e badging and offer a pure electric drive range of 51km, which should be of benefit crawling along in traffic, when a petrol engine is at its most wasteful.

Owners of the P400e Range Rovers will have the option of installing 32-amp wall box home charging kit, which promises to repower the battery pack in just under three hours. For those who wish to use a conventional home plug-point, that recharging timetable swells to seven and a half hours.

Those who might be concerned about the durability of a hybrid-powered Range Rover should have their fears allayed by the fact that Land Rover will be offering an eight-year/160 000km warrantee with these P400e SUVs. And that includes a commitment that these batteries will retain at least a 70% capacity by the end of that period.

Land Rover’s latest local product additions are priced at R2 207 300 for the Range Rover Vogue P400e hybrid, and R1 639 300 for its Sport version.

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