Selling my car: why I took the online route

She was the very first car I had bought myself, with my own money and I was – understandably – hesitant to let her go in the first place, but go she had to so I started asking around.

Mechanics, petrol attendants and even friends of the family all gave their two cents and some even made offers for her; but when it came down to the sale, the price suddenly came with a whole set of caveats and “but, you see there’s this little scratch here, so…”

Needless to say, the face to face approach didn’t hold much appeal – how would you like to spend a couple of days arguing about an extra R5 000, only to repeat the process the next week with someone else?

So I went online. I could shop around for buyers on my coffee break and it didn’t take long before I found the CarZar folks. Let me tell you, there’s something to be said for online chat functions, I don’t know why more companies don’t do it.

Anyway, the consultant and I got talking – online – and he asked me a few details about the car and, I’d guess about five minutes later he emailed me a preliminary quote. It was a high quote, much higher than I would have thought, but, unlike so many of the other people I had spoken to, the CarZar guy explained where I would lose value on the initial quote; you know, to help me make an informed decision.

It took all of 10 minutes for me to get my quote and secure an inspection – they come to you if you can’t drive the car to them – and the next week, as agreed CarZar showed up at my doorstep with all the documents I would need in order to sell my car. Now, I should mention that I had not decided to sell yet, but they brought me everything I might need in any case.

An offer was made on the car, based on her condition and while the initial quote was relatively high, the final one was spot on with what I wanted.

Before the inspector had left with the car the money was transferred to my bank account — yeah, they do that right there and then — and, while sad to have sold my first car, I couldn’t have asked for an easier process.

If you are convinced to sell or just curious about the value you of your car, you can get a free instant online quote from CarZar, in seconds! Start the process today. Get a free car valuation and a new lease on life in just 30 minutes, on!

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