Siya Kolisi releases personal playlist for Land Rover

Land Rover SA

If you imagine having similar music taste to that of Springbok captain in waiting, Siya Kolisi, Land Rover South Africa has a novel infotainment solution on offer thanks to Spotify.

With the Springbok captain having spent months recovering from injury and regaining fitness, that meant a lot of time in the car driving from one rehabilitation session to the next. Not to mention the usual commuting to support his family in getting where they need to go.

All that time spent in the car can be burdensome if you don’t have inspiration entertainment to keep you amused.

Siya Kolisi understands music can make the difference.

“Whether I’m alone in the car, at home with my family or on the field training, music is a huge part of my life.”

The Springbok captain is a Land Rover driver and that means that he can use the brand’s latest advances in connectivity and infotainment to keep himself entertained.

This also means that you can share in whatever Siya Kolisi likes listening to.

Land Rover vehicles fitted with the brand’s InControl App offer an ability to stream Spotify. This also enables the Land Rover infotainment screen to accurately mirror all the intuitive controls you’d be familiar with as a Spotify user on any other device.

Best of all is that Spotify’s Offline Mode also functions with the Land Rover InControl App. This means that if you are driving in a remote location where mobile data isn’t available, your playlist can keep playing without interruption.

These are his tunes

If you are a Siya Kolisi fan – and who isn’t, really? – and wish to channel some of the Springbok captain’s daily inspiration, there is now an 11-song playlist on Spotify, called ‘Kolisi’s Compilation’.

This playlist was curated by Siya Kolisi himself and all you need to do is to navigate Land Rover South Africa’s Spotify channel and select it.

“The tracks I chose for this playlist are very meaningful to me and I think it’s fantastic that I can connect with my fans through songs that inspire me. If anyone were to catch a lift in my Discovery right now, this playlist is exactly what I’m listening to.”

Keen to stream the Springbok opensider’s playlist? You can find it here.

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