Tata Tigor is an electric that you could actually afford

Tata Media

Tata has built an automotive empire by offering budget buyers cars they can afford – if not necessarily desire.

The Indian car brand will now add its momentum to the escalating electric vehicle revolution with a very affordable battery-powered vehicle of its own.

An electrified version of Tata’s popular Tigor sedan, which was updated late last year, has now been revealed in India.

This battery-powered Tigor look exactly like its petrol-powered siblings, but it features an electric motor and the promise of very low running cost.

The Tigor is an electric vehicle adaptation of a conventional vehicle architecture, instead of being a battery specific design. This entails some compromises. Its boot it smaller, due to the presence of a battery pack. The electric car’s sacrifice totals 90-liters of luggage capacity, compared to a petrol-powered Tigor.

Humble specification

 Tata’s managed to stack a 16.2kWh battery pack, which spins a 30kW electric motor. Drive is to the front wheels only and pulling power total 105Nm. Those outputs are very modest, but Tata doesn’t expect its Tigor to be used or long-distance driving, but rather as a city commuter.

Recharging and range are always the twin issues of potential annoyance and anxiety for electric vehicle owners and in this regard the battery-powered Tigor does reveal its modest componentry and design goals.

Tata claims a range of only 142km and recharging performance is very leisurely. A standard wall socket will take six hours to repower the small sedan’s battery pack and even if you do manage to happen upon a 15kW DC fast-charger, you’ll still need an hour and half to fully reenergise its power cells.

The Tigor EV will initially be marketed in India and positioned at R200 000. India lists some of the most air-polluted cities on earth, and Tata will be hoping to reduce this issue with its bargain battery-powered car.

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