Vivo Dune is a locally built VW adventure concept car

VW Media SA

A team of local engineers and technicians at VW’s Uitenhage assembly plant, have built an interesting new concept vehicle called the Dune.

Revealed at this week’s South African Festival of Motoring, this VW concept is evolved from South Africa’s most popular passenger car platform, the Vivo.

Dune illustrates what is possible when a local technical team is given the opportunity to interpret the crossover concept without constraints.

The colour choice for this gravel travel Vivo was inspired by Kalahari sand dune hues, with VW’s technical team mixing a custom paint finish to achieve the desired look.

Beyond the striking paint finish, there are Dune side graphics and grille badging.

The Vivo Dune is not merely about outlandish colours and some slick graphics, it features a host of serious exploration grade accessories too.

Racked to carry a load

On the roof you’ll find a customised carrier rack to stow additional gear, with the leading edge decked-out in LEDs – to provide supplementary lighting.

Around the rear this Dune has a chrome exhaust tip and tailgate spoiler. Symbolic of true exploration vehicles, the VW Vivo Dune carries its spare wheel on a tailgate carrier, instead of underneath. All the wheel wells also feature mud flaps, to prevent sedimentary caking when journeying on gravel roads during winter.

Feeding the Dune a steady supply of cool and dust-filtered air, is a very tidily integrated snorkel, which sits on this Vivo’s passenger side A-pillar.

Below the door line there are also rock slider bars, to prevent panel damage and ease passenger ingress.

Inside this proudly ingenious VW concept car there are various trim inserts finished in the exterior colour, which contrasts with the seats, which are upholstered in a ‘Sun City’ orange finish, and feature ‘Dune’ branding.

VW’s build team also added a two-way radio to the cabin architecture, which is a crucial tool for any journey deep into rural areas, where a Smartphone simply doesn’t function properly.

Although the VW Vivo Dune will not become a production car, it does show that South Africa’s local automotive industry has the appropriate skills to produce something special.

If not commercial production, what is the destiny for this concept car? It will live a life on display at VW’s Auto Pavilion in Uitenhage, as a testament to what the facility’s staff are capable of.

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