VW Golf 8: Latest graphic renderings leaked, showing sleeker design

Aero features strongly in new Golf 8 design image via VW

The Golf is a product which has defined the hatchback segment since 1974 and elevated VW’s brand cachet.

Although demand for the current Golf 7.5 remains strong, the eight-generation will be revealed during the last week of October 2019. And VW has teased what that new Golf 8 might look like.

These latest graphic renderings show a vehicle which is much sleeker than any of VW’s current production hatchbacks.

It is expected that the new Golf 8 will feature advanced hybrid drive technology as an option and to ensure it is as efficient as possible, VW’s designers have worked tirelessly to create the most aerodynamic shape.

Golf 8 has a slicker silhouette

One of the most noticeable design elements are a narrowing of the Golf 8’s headlamps.

The car’s front illumination clusters are smaller and feature a fluid double-bubble surround shape. VW stylists have also decided to connect the front headlamps with an illumination strip that runs across the front of the car, where the bonnet shutline and bumper would ordinarily meet.

The bonnet is shaped with a pronounced ridgeline and as an indication of where future design will be going with the influence of electric vehicles, the new Golf has virtually no traditional grille.

Under its redesigned front badge roundel, there is a pronounced bumper which is underscored with active louvres, to provide cooling at low speed and optimised efficiency at cruising velocities.

Golf 8 is reducing its button and dial count
Fewer buttons and more digital control for Golf 8 image via VW

Cabin sketch shows that Golf 8 will be highly digital inside

The eight-generation Golf 8 will offer mild hybrid propulsion
Aero features strongly in new Golf 8 design image via VW

Beyond the teaser rendering of Golf 8’s exterior, VW has also released an image of what the new premium hatchback will look like inside.

Digitisation has been driving a complete reimagining of cabin architecture in all vehicles and the result with Golf 8 is a greatly decluttered design.

Traditional buttons and dials which control infotainment, ventilation and locking functions have now mostly been replaced with touchscreen interfacing. A large combination infotainment and control screen is mounted atop the centre stack, angled slightly towards the driver.

VW is expecting to launch its new Golf 8 by the end of 2019, with a South African debut scheduled for later in 2020.

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